Monday, December 31, 2007

The difficulties in furniture marketing

Since last 2002, I am concentrating my job as a marketing at a furniture company in Jepara. The company itself was founded by a very talented guy called Mr. Abdul. The company makes a lot of antique reproduction furniture such a dining table, dining chair, lazy chair, wardrobes, beds, writing tables and any other types of classic furniture style. They also make a little bit of french antique furniture in white finish. Because of lack of the marketing knowledges, the owner then employeed me to reseacrh from the internet to get an order. From the first years I worked, I did not get any orders from customers yet as we have difficulties in internet connection. The connection here was very slow. I even could not download an email from my email server. In the begining of 2nd years, we have a good connection from a internet service provider. We then lend a high speed internet connection just to upload and download mega bytes furniture pictures from our customer's order. As some customers sometimes sent 2 - 5 containers furniture order then we must have a high speed connection internet.

As the years goes by, the company now produces minimalist furniture or simple design furniture made of solid mahogany wood and teak wood. The company just now build a new large factory to accommodate furniture order from customers.

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