Friday, August 06, 2010

Overstock by PT. Bate Furniture Industries

PT. Bate Furniture Industries offers high quality overstock made of solid mahogany wood and teak wood. We sell bookcases, buffets, cabinets, armoires, beds, nightstands, chests, tv cabinets, hallstands, mirrors, console mirrors, console tables, desk chairs, desks, dining tables, dining chairs, coffee tables, chairs, sofas, stools, fireplaces, birdcages, occasional items, and some small tables.

Our furniture is made of kiln dried wood for maximum results of quality. We treat the wood with insects killer before we make our furniture. Our products mostly are antique reproduction furniture, French furniture, white painted furniture, black painted furniture, gold leaf furniture, silver leaf furniture, antique heirloom furniture, etc.

If you need high quality furniture at affordable prices, please come to us by contacting us at +62 812 28516540 or email us.

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PT. Bate Furniture Industries

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