Saturday, July 12, 2008

Halfmoon coffee table TEAK

Inspired by the middle date of each month, we create a half moon looking coffee table made of teak wood. The teak wood is kiln dried well before we make these coffee tables, to make the table stable for long time use. We also put the tenon mortise joints to make this table strong. You can put this table outdoor in the backyard under the sun shines directly without any problems as teak wood never wrapping, never cracking and never molding if we treat it carefully and correctly.
People usually thinks that solid wood more of problems but indeed it is not if we treat the solid wood properly. The wood is in problem if we use green wood that is not intended to cut down in the young age, teak wood should be able to cut after 50 years old for best quality teak wood. We can use this old enough teak wood for high quality teak patio furniture for last.
If you have any questions regarding how to plant and treat the teak wood you can email us.
Thank you.
Kind regards,
Teak wood planter.

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