Monday, July 07, 2008

Teak garden furniture - Tree benches

Read newspaper in the morning by sitting down on the tree bench made of teak wood imported from Indonesia I feel I just relax in my backyard and remember 3 years ago when I visited my friend's house in Germany. He collected many teak patio furniture made in Indonesia, he told me he was buying the teak garden furniture from a furniture importer in Munich where he can ordered many styles of benches, he has 3 pieces of octagonal tree bench, curved bench without arm, swing bench without canopy, etc. All of these items are made for high quality in craftsmanship and sturdy in construction.
Today, I would like to shop Indonesian teak garden furniture for my own house after seeing my friend's house. Nice ideas I think!

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ZAEDANI said...

Daer sir, we area furniture manufacturer in Indonesia with 6 years of exporting experience.